New blog (again)

Here we are again, the Crunch revamped and ready to go.

I’m trying to re-acquaint myself with WordPress; I’m reasonably sure more features are locked behind financial bars than before, but that’s the internet.

One of my ongoing goals is to read more; I have a library of books that I simply have not read yet, both in physical form and on the Kindle. Obviously I’m going to be reading the psych textbooks, but at the same time I want broad interests. I’ve found that my roleplaying hobby has given me greater breadth of knowledge, especially since I spend more time writing and running games than playing in them. A game I’m preparing at the moment requires me to research various periods of Chinese history, as well as the Mongols, and Shintoism (it’s a mishmash of Chinese and Japanese culture in a fantasy setting).

At the moment I’m reading a book called Agent Zigzag, which is the exciting (and probably quite filmable) story of Eddie Chapman, a double agent during the second world war. I also picked a book discussing Robespierre’s political beliefs from my bookshelf. I think diving into books as I happen to fancy reading them is a good method. They don’t do me any good just sitting there, and I feel I should probably seize passing interests before they pass.

A longer post will follow shortly.


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